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March 2005 Issue

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How UC Got Its Move Back

Published March 2005

We all know that UC's Academic Health Center is on the move.

In April we'll not only be on the move. We'll also be eating less and leading much healthier lives!

What's that all about?

It's the goal of Ohio on the Move, the state affiliate of the America on the Move initiative. Ohio on the Move is a free, online, pedometer-based walking program whose goal is to motivate people to walk an extra 2,000 steps a day and consume 100 fewer calories.

Senior Vice President and Provost for Health Affairs Jane E. Henney, MD, is challenging all Medical Center faculty and staff to sign up, as departmental teams or individuals, adding steps to their day and making smart food choices that will curb weight gain and improve their health.

"As health-care professionals it's part of our job to be good-health advocates," says Dr. Henney. "Our participation in Ohio on the Move will demonstrate that we practice what we preach, and we'll improve our own health and have fun doing it.

"I urge everyone on our faculty and staff to sign up for this very health-wise program. We'll all be better for it."

Through its Web site Ohio on the Move provides a highly interactive way for individuals and groups to register, set goals and track daily activity. States, communities, work sites, schools, walking groups and organizations across the country are logging on to "on the move" sites to monitor their progress and share their successes.

The program gives people of all ages the tools they need to make two small daily changes. Everyone is encouraged to start by walking an extra 2,000 steps a day and eating 100 fewer calories each day, which research shows is enough for most people to create a balance between energy expenditure and food consumption and is sufficient to stop weight gain.

Watch your e-mail for sign-up information, and plan to step out with your colleagues for a healthier lifestyle.

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