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November 2007 Issue

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Legislatures Turn to Nursing Dean for Help in Addressing Nursing Shortage

Published November 2007

With clinical and faculty nursing shortages increasing—a shortage of 340,000 registered nurses is expected by 2010—it’s important to develop more nursing leaders, says College of Nursing dean Andrea Lindell, PhD.

Lindell was recently appointed to a committee that gives her the opportunity to do just that in Ohio.

As a member of the state of Ohio’s Nursing Education Study Committee, Lindell will study the current shortage of faculty and clinical placement sites for nursing education programs.

Lindell was nominated to the committee by 15 state legislators and appointed by the Ohio Speaker of the House Jon Husted.

The 15-member education committee will prepare and submit a report to the general assembly focusing on strategies to increase the number of nursing faculty and training opportunities for nursing students in Ohio.

Insufficient faculty and lack of clinical training sites are among the reasons U.S. nursing schools turned away 42,866 applicants from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2006.

“I’m honored to represent the profession of nursing on this important committee. We’re studying an area that’s not only affecting Ohio but the entire nation,” says Lindell.

“Nursing faculty is desperately needed to teach the future generation of nurses as baby boomers age and the need for health care increases.”

The committee includes Ohio state representatives and congressmen, members from the Ohio Nurses Association, Ohio Board of Regents, Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio and nursing educators.

The committee will begin work in January 2008 and plans to submit their report by the end of the year to the Ohio General Assembly.

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