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December 2007 Issue

UC Research data.
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Research Dollars Continue to Climb

Published December 2007

The university's research enterprise continued to grow in 2007, with UC and its affiliates recording an all-time high of $333.5 million in research funding.


Data for fiscal year 2007 was presented to the UC Board of Trustees in November by Sandra Degen, PhD, vice president for research.


Although the 2007 total was up only slightly from 2006, Degen says UC has cause to celebrate.


"The majority of UC's research funding comes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) -a funder of basic and clinical research whose budget has remained flat for some time now," says Degen. "UC researchers were able to increase the university's total NIH funding by more than $6 million.


"That says a lot about the quality of research happening here."


The Academic Health Center and its affiliates-supported mostly by NIH grants-held steady at $270 million for 2007. This represents 81 percent of the university's total research dollars.


The College of Medicine saw a $4 million spike, which is largely credited to an increasing number of proposals submitted and several large, federally funded research grants that were added to the books in 2007, says Degen.


"A $9 million grant for bipolar disorder research, $6.4 million for obesity studies, $6.4 million for research in HIV/AIDS, $4.7 million for UC's mouse metabolic phenotyping center-all of these new awards add up to a very successful year for UC research," she says.


The College of Allied Health Sciences nearly doubled its research dollars, bringing in 90 percent more federal funding in 2007.


The research office continues to  support faculty working to obtain preliminary data required for federal grant applications. The Uni-


versity Research Council, which awarded more than $650,000 in grants in 2006-07, is again accepting applications for its intramural funding opportunities, and several workshops will be offered in the spring to give faculty the tools needed to write successful grants.


Degen also says many at UC are working on applying for two new well-supported state initiatives aimed at attracting students and faculty into science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine disciplines.

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