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A Lost Voice: Determined UC Doc Gives Catholic Priest Something to Talk About
Talking—or more accurately, ministering—was Father Gene Wilson’s life for more than 48 years. So when complications from a routine thyroidectomy performed in California left him without a voice and with a permanent breathing tube, he was devastated.
MAY 2008

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New Cancer Target Identified
A team of UC scientists has discovered a new target in the fight against tumor formation, raising hopes in the battle to contain aggressive cancers. The group of researchers led by Jorge Moscat, PhD, and Maria Diaz-Meco, PhD, has determined that the protein p62 controls another protein (NF-kB) previously identified as a “positive player” in tumor growth and survival.
Three-Way Partnership Breaks Down Language Barriers for Better Health
Tiffiny Diers, MD, says understanding and improving health care for the local Latino community is very important to her. And it’s not only a professional interest. Her husband, Fernando Martinez, is Puerto Rican. “When I first returned to Cincinnati in 1997, I rarely heard Spanish being spoken...
'Kidney-Sparing' Procedure Gives Patients More Options
In the past, a kidney cancer diagnosis almost always meant losing a kidney, leaving the patient with one functioning kidney and an increased risk of needing dialysis in the future.But UC urologic surgeons say that is no longer the case.
New Web Site for Researchers
UC faculty and staff have a new place to go to access everything they need to get started in research or maintain a successful research program. Researcher’s Gateway ( is a password-protected Web site containing information on sources of funds, collaborators, facilities, resources, education and training and regulatory support.
Tristate Nurses Recognized at 16th Annual Awards Dinner
Being a nurse can be a tough job. But being on an awards selection committee to single out the Tristate’s most caring nurses might be even tougher. Each year, the UC College of Nursing’s Board of Advisors are given the task of naming just 16 individuals out of a pool of hundreds of Greater Cincinnati nurses who best exemplify excellent direct patient care.
Medicine Fills Two Posts, Creates New Position
The College of Medicine recently filled two key department chair positions and added a new post in the Dean’s Office—associate dean for strategic initiatives.
Plastic Surgery Teams Up With Drake Center to Tackle Difficult Chronic Wound Cases
For some patients, a wound isn’t a temporary inconvenience—it is a painful, daily frustration that can become limb- or life-threatening if left untreated. John Kitzmiller, MD, chief of plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery at UC, has partnered with physicians and nurses at Drake Center’s Advanced Wound Care Program to tackle tough cases and improve the lives of patients with chronic wounds.
Nursing Veteran Named Director of Research Institute
Donna Gates, EdD, professor of nursing, has been appointed the director of the Institute for Nursing Research within the UC College of Nursing. Gates, who holds the Jane E. Procter Endowed Chair and previously served as an associate director within the institute, is internationally known for her re-search and publications.
UC to Host Public Forum on Cancer and Environment Links
The Cincinnati Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center (BCERC) will host its fourth annual public forum on the environment and cancer—“Looking Upstream for Environmental Links to Breast Cancer.”
Poverty Simulation Gives Students a Reality Check on Patient Hardship
Being a doctor isn’t quite the way we imagined it in Kindergarten, with our stuffed animals and stethoscopes. Unfortunately, not everyone can be fixed with a prescription and a lollipop, particularly when the patient can’t feed his or her family, let alone pay for medical care.
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