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May 2008 Issue

Nursing students Keno Babani and Anna Hoerst won the poster competition at the second annual Rapid Response Symposium.
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Nursing Co-Op Students Make Big Showing at Regional Rapid Response Symposium

By Jill Hafner
Published May 2008

College of Nursing students Keno Babani and Anna Hoerst rarely get intimidated when confronted with a major challenge or difficult assignment. In fact, they usually do the opposite of backing down—they welcome the opportunity head on.

That attitude was certainly evident last month when the duo became the only undergraduate students to tackle the daunting task of competing against seasoned health professionals in a poster competition at the region’s largest rapid response symposium.

In fact, the students did more than compete—they won.

Babani and Hoerst, both students in the UC Nursing Co-
operative (Co-Op) Program, were among an estimated 200 attendees at the second annual Rapid Response Symposium—a day-long event where best practices in delivering quick, bedside patient care are shared among representatives of the region’s (and in some cases, the world’s) leading hospitals and health systems.

The event was held April 16 at the Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati’s Alliance Business Center.

Babani and Hoerst, who as co-op students split their weekdays between classes in Procter Hall and clinicals at University Hospital, demonstrated, using a poster format, how determining team structure and role assignment results in effective leadership and yields better patient outcomes in a rapid response setting.

Rapid response teams respond to a call when someone recognizes the signs and symptoms of a patient’s deteriorating condition in a non-intensive care unit and immediately takes the appropriate action to save his or her life.

“The students incorporated the latest research and clearly identified the roles each caregiver must assume when trying to save a life,” says Shirley Alsup, a registered nurse and director of the nursing co-op program.

“It’s pretty impressive that out of all the poster entries, two UC students won,” she adds. “It clearly shows that our students are learning from their experiences and that we have a right to be proud as educators at UC.”

Babani and Hoerst are certainly proud of their accomplishment—and their teachers.

“We didn’t really feel it was as much a competition as it was a way to contribute a piece of knowledge,” says Babani, who has already landed a full-time job in University Hospital’s Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit upon graduation in June.

“I’m not shy in saying that we are long on book knowledge, but short on experience, but I really have to give credit to Shirley and all the preceptors who participate in the co-op program,” says Babani. “They took us from a place of being beginners and shepherded us through a program where we have learned so much. The real credit is to them.”

For more information on the co-op program, call (513) 558-3325 or e-mail

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