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Pharmacy Wins National Award for Clinical Education
The James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy along with Michael Hegener, PharmD, and Community Pharmacy Care have been awarded the 2008 Crystal APPLE by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.
JULY 2008

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UC Researchers Studying New Ways to Regulate Genes, Cut Heart Damage
Researchers at UC are looking for ways to reduce or prevent heart damage by starting where the problem often begins: in the genes. Following a heart attack, cells die, causing lasting damage to the heart.
University Hospital Making Strides in Neuroscience ICU
People hear the word "seizure," says Lori Shutter, MD, and immediately think of a person writhing on the floor, flailing his limbs. Some seizures are like that, of course, but with the help of continuous EEG monitoring Shutter and her colleagues at the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU) in University Hospital are gaining insight into seizures as fleeting as the twitch of an eye.
Imaging Can Pinpoint Best Surgery Patients
Surgery to restore blood flow to the brain is complicated, risky and not always effective. Itís also difficult to predict who will benefit from revascularization surgery. To combat this challenge, neu-roradiologist Achala Vagal, MD, has developed a technique that could help identify the patients most likely to benefit from surgeryóbefore ever entering the operating room.
Brain Cancer 'Vaccine' May Prevent Recurrence
Cancer researchers nationwide are investigating whether a vaccine generated from a patientís own white blood cells can boost the immune system to fight off brain cancer recurrence.
Archdeacon Named Chief of Staff at University Hospital
Michael Archdeacon, MD, vice chair and associate professor of orthopedic surgery at UC, has been named chief of staff at University Hospital (UH). The appointment went into effect June 1. Archdeacon, who also serves as director of the musculoskeletal traumatology division at UC, replaced Michael Nussbaum, MD, who had served as hospital chief of staff since 2000.
University Pointe Surgical Hospital Earns Accreditation
University Pointe Surgical Hospital was awarded the Joint Commissionís Gold Seal of Approval accreditation, following an unannounced, comprehensive on-site evaluation. The accreditation process evaluates quality and safety within health care organizations, and identifies opportunities for improvement.
Student Earns Big Reward for Smarts and Service
A hundred years ago, prominent Cincinnati banker and philanthropist Jacob Schmidlapp established a trust that would over the next century contribute $1.6 million toward art, health and community initiatives. From this trust a scholarship celebrates the memory of his daughter, Charlotte.
UC Researchers Study 'Healing Touch' Therapy for Patients
Elizabeth Wabnitz quietly walks into one of the back rooms of the endoscopy suite at University Hospital (UH). "My head kind of hurts," the nurse says, kicking off her tennis shoes. "It will feel good to lie down for a spell."
Distinguished Radiology Professor Receives Neuroradiology Society's Highest Honor
People who've met Robert Lukin, MD, know he is an unassuming, laid-back person. But behind that kind demeanor resides a driven, visionary leader who has been instrumental in guiding his chosen field, neuroradiology, for nearly 40 years.
Nursing Adds Five to Board of Advisors
Five people have joined the College of Nursing Board of Advisors. They are Tim Benton, Trudi Fullen, David Minning, Marianne Rowe and David Widmann. "Each is selected and appointed for their areas of expertise in order to complement the existing board as they engage in advising and counseling the college," says Andrea Lindell, PhD, dean of the College of Nursing.
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