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July 2008 Issue

The Stayton Family.
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Earning a UC Degree Turns Into a Family Affair

By Angela Koenig
Published July 2008

Three was a charm at UC on June 14, 2008.

Thatís when the Stayton familyóMargie Stayton, 50, and her children Tamara, 27, and Benjamin, 23óall graduated from UC together.

"We lucked out. We were all in the same afternoon ceremony," says Tamara, who earned a bachelorís in health sciences.

Benjamin strode away proudly with a bachelorís in mechanical engineering while mother Margie tucked a degree in nursing under her belt.

"I originally started in 1977, but it only lasted one year," says Margie of first becoming a licensed practical nurse in 1980 and then earning her associateís degree at UCís Raymond Walters College in 1995.

Mom hit the books again in 2005, the same time Tamara decided to enroll in the College of Allied Heath Sciences; Benjamin was just a few years ahead, starting a five-year engineering program in 2003.

The only difficulty that ever arose, they admit, was during times when they all lived together and had to share the one family computer.

"Itís not fun when you all have papers due at the same time," Tamara recalls with a smile.

Degrees in hand, the Staytons are carrying on a long-standing UC tradition. Margieís father, Irvin Zipperstein, 82, graduated from the UC College of Law (class of 1949). Her father-in-law, Charles Kimmel Stayton, 80, received a degree in civil engineering (class of 1954).

Charlesí late mother, Ethel Kimmel, graduated from the College of Music (the forerunner to the College-Conservatory of Music) in 1911.

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