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August 2008 Issue

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Top Grads Drawn to College of Nursing, University Hospital

By Angela Koenig
Published August 2008

The College of Nursing recently participated in offering two Diversity Scholarships—$74,000 each to cover the cost of tuition and housing for four years.

The awards are funded by the college, University Hospital (UH), the Darwin T. Turner Scholarship and the Cincinnatus Scholarship.

“The reason we can be proud (of our involvement) is because of the quality of our future students as well as the graduates,” says Andrea Lindell, PhD, dean of the College of Nursing.

According to the latest figures, in 2007 the College of Nursing bestowed 174 scholarships, with $381,650 contributed directly from the college.

The Diversity Scholarship is set up to attract the best and brightest incoming freshmen from within a 60-mile radius who worked extremely hard during their high school years and maintained high GPAs.

The scholarships were awarded to Emily Callahan and Sherrun Watson, both from the Dayton area. But the scholarship requirements don’t stop with stellar grades. The competition is fierce: there are community service and leadership positions to substantiate, demonstration of financial need, and interviews to compete.

Then there’s the commitment to keep up the required GPA and mandatory community service hours, and ultimately, after graduation, a requirement to give back—18 months of employment at University Hospital, where the goal of both the college and the hospital is to retain their employment in Cincinnati for many years to come.
And it seems to be working.

“I think I’ll definitely stay,” says Tiffini Gendrew, 23, the first student to receive the Diversity Scholarship—$40,000 for four years—in 2003 when it was established.

Gendrew now works in UH’s Medical Intensive Care Step-Down Unit and has plans to go back to school to become a family nurse practitioner.

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