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New Academic Research Building Officially Opens
Students lounged on the grand staircase, soaking up some sun on a cooler-than-normal summer day. Behind them, bicycles were parked at a rack next to the entrance. Inside, students filled just about every available seating space, talking excitedly and making introductions.

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Researchers Turn Modest Grant Into $1.7 Million Study on Parkinson's
It all started with a $14,000 pilot grant and a hunch that depression can make a debilitating neurological disease even worse.  A modest $14,000 is how much UC faculty members Kim Seroogy, PhD, and James Herman, PhD, received from the Sunflower Revolution Encore.
Nursing Introduces Curriculum to Treat Alcohol Use Disorders
Do you drink? “That question doesn’t get you anywhere with patients. What if they say no?” says Christine Savage, PhD, associate professor and director of the graduate health nursing program in the UC College of Nursing.
Air Force Grant Targets Medical Evacuation
In the middle of an active war zone, your gut screams to move critically injured patients out of harm’s way as soon as possible. But science cautions that may not be best for long-term recovery.
Study to Explore Why Hispanics Stop Breastfeeding Sooner in U.S.
UC has awarded an interdisciplinary group of physicians and faculty $25,000 to study the breastfeeding beliefs and practices of Latina mothers living in Cincinnati.
Legacy Lives on Through Scholarship
Seemingly insurmountable grief reflects in Jody Forman Fall’s eyes when she recalls the spring of 2007. It was April, and her only child, Rob Forman, 36, lay critically ill at University Hospital (UH) with a virus that had attacked his heart.
Researchers to Study Why Symptoms Differ Among Some LAM Patients
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, or LAM, is a rare but serious lung disease that may cause severe respiratory symptoms in the patients it affects. The often-fatal disease has no cure. Researchers say the key to learning more about LAM might lie in better understanding how symptoms differ among LAM patients.
Summer Research Programs Jump-Start a New School Year
Summer research programs may be just what the doctor ordered for students trying to decide between medical school and PhD programs. Robin Wright says her mind is almost made up—although she’s not willing to go public with her decision just yet. Perhaps she’s even considering a dual degree.
Device May Improve Lab Testing, Cut Waiting Times for Results
New devices that bring the laboratory to the emergency department could be used to speed the care of cardiac patients and improve their outcomes, say UC researchers.
Family Medicine Physicians Raise Awareness, Provide Health Care for Tristate Homeless
Fountain Square boomed with music on Aug. 14, serving as a soundtrack for Nancy Elder and Kate Bennett’s true mission. The two, dressed identically in teal shirts, chatted with the lunch crowd passing by the Health Care for the Homeless van, but lunch was the farthest thing from their mind.
UCP Re-engineering Project Continues to Move Forward
If Phase I of the UC Physicians (UCP) Re-engineering Project can be symbolized by a set of blueprints, think of Phase II as a construction worker’s hard hat. “We’ve got a lot more work ahead of us,” says Steve Roth of the family medicine department and facilitator of the ambitious project to merge the 15 UCP clinical practice corporations into a single nonprofit tax-exempt organization.
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