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October 2008 Issue

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UCP to Offer Same Package of Benefits to All Employees

Published October 2008

UC Physicians (UCP), addressing a major component of its plan to merge 15 practice organizations into a single corporate entity, will offer the same benefits package to all employees effective Jan. 1, 2009.

Previously, each practice corporation offered similar benefits with distinctive features. As part of the UCP Re-engineering Project, the Human Resources Work Group evaluated those packages and found wide variances.

For example, while all corporations shared the same health care plan, there were 14 different contribution schedules. In addition, there were multiple benefit vendors for nonhealth care offerings and varying levels of participation requirements.

The work group recommended coordination of one employee benefits package. Such a package will be offered as part of the 2009 open enrollment process, which runs from Oct. 20–Nov. 14.

“This is an important step forward in our efforts to simplify, coordinate and improve UCP functions,” says Thomas Boat, MD, chief executive officer of UCP and executive associate dean of the College of Medicine.

In the open enrollment process, eligible employees will elect the following benefits:medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and flexible spending accounts.

Additionally, initial information regarding the combined retirement plans will be available during these sessions.

Employees will receive an open enrollment kit from their human resources officer prior to attending an open enrollmentmeeting where they will be provided with the information needed to understand benefit options and select the coverage that is right for them and their families. The meetings will be held Oct. 20–31 at a variety of locations.

Attendance at one of the scheduled meetings is mandatory. All enrollments for medical insurance will be done online. Wizard tools will be available on any computer with secure Web access. There will also be an easy online enrollment center where employees can submit selections.

The primary focus of the open enrollment meetings will be to explain the changes that have been selected to the health benefits provided by Humana.

To control costs while continuing to provide excellent coverage, UCP has selected the Humana SmartSuite program, which offers three health plans to choose from.

For additional information on the UCP Re-engineering Project, visit the UCP Web site at

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