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February 2009 Issue

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UC Forum Garners Ideas for Improving Health in Tristate

By Katie Pence
Published February 2009

Over 65 people attended a community health care forum, titled “Transforming Health Care at Local and National Levels,” on Jan. 13 that discussed health care reform and generated ideas to improve health care in the Tristate.

The event was hosted by the public health sciences department and the Health Improvement Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati.

The results of the discussion will be shared with state and national policymakers as they make decisions about the evolving health care system over the next year.

Many issues were discussed, including aligning incentives by paying providers based on value rather than volume, engaging consumers more fully in health care decision making and modernizing Medicaid/Medicare to better reward value and quality.

Tom Boat, MD, panelist and executive associate dean of the College of Medicine, noted that the system needs to more effectively tackle mental health care.

“We need to facilitate health promotion and disease prevention,” he says. “The antecedents of emotional and mental illness in adulthood usually occur in childhood, and yet, we have no programs to address this or ways to reimburse this activity. Our existing programs haven’t figured out how to assess children for risk and make them happier, healthier and more productive citizens.”

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