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May 2009 Issue

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Pulmonary Experts Discuss Recent LAM Research Findings

By Katie Pence
Published May 2009

UC pulmonary researchers presented results from two new studies looking at Lymphangioleiomy-omatosis, or LAM, at LAMposium 2009, the international LAM research conference, held in mid-April in Cincinnati.


LAM is a rare but serious lung disease that occurs when a certain type of cell begins to grow out of control and spread to restricted areas in the body, including the lungs, kidneys, lymph nodes and vessels.


Brent Kinder, MD, and colleagues in the division of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine presented findings that showed patients with LAM were more likely to participate in clinical trials because of a shared cause and a feeling of altruism, as opposed to personal benefit. In addition, the usual barriers to trial participation like time constraints, risk of taking a placebo and geographic location were found to be less important for LAM patients.


The team also presented findings that showed it is cost-effective to do CT scan screening of non-smoking women, ages 25-54, who come to the emergency room for the first time with a collapsed lung in order to diagnose and treat those with LAM. 

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