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Supplement May Reduce Gestational Diabetes Risk
Women who enter pregnancy with a higher body weight face serious risks: higher rates of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and the risk of a larger baby who could go on to have obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the future.
JULY 2009

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Reality Show Has Doctors Trading Stethoscopes for Sledgehammers
As we’ve known since the first cave-dwellers disagreed over which wall to paint and where the saber-tooth cat rug should go, do-it-yourself projects can be stressful on a marriage. So can reality TV shows, as demonstrated by “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”
Grad Creates New Course for Senior Medical Students
Leaving a legacy at UC can mean many things. For some, it's a name on a building or endowing a scholarship. For Leah Bauer, a 2009 College of Medicine graduate, her legacy is the development of a new medical school elective course.
Caution Is Advised When Using Generic Drugs
Generic drugs are growing in popularity, enabling health care consumers to save money at a time when every dollar counts. But consumers should take special care when considering the switch from brand name to generic drugs, a UC College of Medicine faculty member says, and some diseases and disorders require extra caution.
Own the Rights to Your Discovery? Thank This UC Graduate
This is the second profile in a three-part series, exploring how students with degrees in pharmacology and cell biophysics from UC have contributed to the field and succeeded locally but have also used their expertise in very different ways.
Golden Years or Golden Fears? College of Nursing Educates on Abuse Among the Elderly Population
Ahhh. . . the golden years. But for many people, living to a ripe old age can be fraught with uncertainty and anxiety.
Partners Take Major Step in Long-Running Study of Herpes Simplex
Throughout a collaboration of almost 20 years, Richard Thomp-son, PhD, and Nancy Sawtell, PhD, have worked to gain insight into how the herpes simplex virus (HSV) exits latency and causes recurrent disease.
Center for Surgical Innovation Creates Healthy Ties to Industry
By combining the intellectual prowess of academic clinicians and researchers with the resources of private health care industry, the possibilities for impactful medical breakthroughs seem endless. But in certain situations, this academic-industry marriage can raise questions about conflict of interest that ruin the work's credibility.
UC Students Win Top Spots in Design Competitions
There's no question: Surgeons need high levels of experience, talent and finesse to perform complex procedures. But without well-designed tools, where would they be? In June, a team of UC students was recognized for designing a medical device that responds directly to the needs of surgeons.
Could Texting and Mobile E-mail Be Bad for Your Health?
In a mobile communications era where we sometimes "talk" more with our fingers than our voices, a UC ergonomics expert says our thumbs could pay the price.
University Hospital Part of National Traumatic Brain Injury Study
University Hospital will take part in a nationwide study to determine if the naturally occurring hormone progesterone is effective for treating acute traumatic brain injury.
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