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August 2009 Issue

Manoj Singh, MD, and Sri Murthy, MD, both of UC’s family medicine department, say annual checkups are important for people of all ages.
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Checkups Aren't Just for the Kids

By Katie Pence
Published August 2009

The summer is moving quickly, and it’s time for back-to-school shopping trips and an annual checkup for the kids.

But as you phone your doctor, UC physicians urge you to make an appointment for the whole family.

Manoj Singh, MD, and Sri Murthy, MD, both of UC’s family medicine department, say check-ups or well exams are very important for all ages when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“So much about a person’s health can change in one year,” says Singh. “By reviewing the history of a person’s health, we can see if any issue relating to the modification of a person’s diet and exercise routine or family history has occurred.”

Singh adds that new symptoms, like chest pain when exercising, can pop up, which may be precursors to larger problems.

“Physicians may find conditions like hypertension, which can eventually lead to heart or kidney disease if left untreated, or an abnormal looking mole that needs to be followed,” he says. “Checkups also provide an opportunity to follow-up on previous labs and arrange for appropriate testing or immunizations which may be due.”

Murthy says that patients often skip their annual physicals and then come in years later with problems that should have been detected and treated much earlier.

“Conditions like high blood pressure should ideally be monitored and dealt with during the initial warning signs,” she says.

There have been past studies showing that annual exams may not be necessary. However, Murthy says that is not the case.

“It is a preventative measure,” Murthy says, noting that not all exams, like pap smears or blood work, are done every year if levels are normal.

“However, most diseases or illnesses can be avoided or slowed and properly maintained if they are caught in their early stages.

“You maintain and care for your car,” she adds. “Why not do the same for your body?”

To schedule an appointment with UC Physicians, call (513) 475-8400 or visit 

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