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October 2009 Issue

Bruce Giffin, PhD, vice chair; Anne Gunderson, EdD, assistant dean; and Andrew Filak, MD, director, make up the leadership team behind the new department of medical education in the College of Medicine.
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Medical Education Department Created

By Angela Koenig
Published October 2009

In times of economic uncertainty, the educational missions at institutions across the country also feel the crunch. But the opposite tack is being applied at the UC College of Medicine, which recently established a department of medical education to further enhance and develop the student learning/faculty teaching experience.

“The thinking at UC represents a college of medicine and a university that are willing to step up to the plate and formalize the improvement of medical education,” says Anne Gunderson, EdD, the newly appointed associate professor and assistant dean of medical education.

“I applaud the College of Medicine.  Looking at what they’ve done so far, administrators are taking it to the next level instead of cutting back.”

Gunderson comes to UC from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, where she served as assistant professor in the department of medical education and as associate director of undergraduate medical education. The medical college there served as a partial model for UC’s new department—although she adds: “UC will surpass the model because I see a vision here that is limitless.”  

The department was established earlier this year to serve as home for select key faculty teaching gross anatomy, embryology, microscopic anatomy and brain and behavior disorders, as well as community educators.

The department of medical education will also develop and implement programs to enhance the teaching skills of faculty throughout the College of Medicine.
This expansion included the appointment of Andrew Filak, MD, a family physician and associate dean for medical education at the College of Medicine, as the director and Bruce Giffin, PhD, a professor in the department of cancer and cell biology, to the position of vice chair.

Giffin is also currently the director of the UC Body Donation Program and course director for gross anatomy and brain and behavior.

“The decision to add a department of medical education will bring the College of Medicine into the forefront of medical education and provide a resourceful, energizing environment for new medical educators as well as those who have taught here for many years,” says Filak. 

Departmental funding is derived from budget lines used to support faculty in their current assignments.
To learn more about this new department, contact Filak at

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