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October 2009 Issue

Work at the GRI is primarily focused on the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms of metabolic disorders, cancer, neurology and cardiovascular disease.
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UC Board Names Reading Campus, Establishes Metabolic Institute

Published October 2009

The UC Board of Trustees in September approved the naming of the UC Reading Campus and the UC Metabolic Diseases Institute.

UC Reading Campus will be the name used to identify the UC-owned buildings at 2180 E. Galbraith Road in Reading, Ohio, formerly known as the Genome Research Institute.

The UC Metabolic Diseases Institute is the new name for the primary research program at the UC Reading Campus and better reflects the campus’ scientific focus.

“Programs in cancer and metabolic research at our Reading Campus have been quite successful over the past six years,” says David Stern, MD, vice president for health affairs at UC and College of Medicine dean.
“That success and our desire to continue to build on these areas of excellence forced us to consider how best to advance each program.”

In 2008, following a strategic planning initiative by the College of Medicine, the majority of cancer researchers on the UC Reading Campus were relocated to the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies on the UC medical campus in Clifton.

This move established metabolic diseases as the primary focus for UC researchers in Reading and precipitated the need for a name change.

“We hope that our name change will more clearly define our research focus and assist us as we work to continue to grow our portfolio, increase collaborations with industry and clinical partners and recruit top quality scientists,” says George Thomas, PhD, interim director of the Metabolic Diseases Institute.

The Metabolic Diseases Institute includes scientists from three high-profile research initiatives: diabetes and obesity, lipid and arteriosclerosis, and cancer metabolism.

While the largest group of faculty on the UC Reading Campus is involved in diabetes and obesity research, there are also neuroscience, cardiovascular and cancer researchers whose work fits under the “metabolism” umbrella.

Other UC programs housed on the UC Reading Campus include the Tristate Tobacco and Alcohol Research Center, led by Robert Anthenelli, MD, and the UC Drug Discovery Center, led by Ruben Papoian, PhD.

The Drug Discovery Center serves as a key resource for researchers throughout the university as they work to identify potential targets for the treatment of disease. 

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