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October 2009 Issue

UC Health is partnering with Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons, Inc. to improve cardiac care in the region.
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New Partnership With Surgical Group Aims to Enhance Cardiac Care in Tristate

By Katie Pence
Published October 2009

UC Health has partnered with Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons, Inc. (CVTS)—the Tri-state’s leading community-based cardiac surgical practice—as an integral step toward advancing the care of patients with heart disease in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Michael Edwards, MD, surgical oncologist with UC Health and professor and chair of UC’s department of surgery, and Russ Vester, MD, UC College of Medicine alumnus, senior cardiac surgeon and chairman of the board with CVTS, crafted this partnership as a way to enhance heart care locally.

“This adds expertise and innovation to our community,” says Edwards, noting that the partnership was official on Sept. 8. “With CVTS on board with UC Health, we aim to redefine the standard for cardiac care in the region and take advantage of the quality clinical services and training programs already in place at the UC College of Medicine. It is a win-win situation for patients, residents and physicians involved.”

In addition, CVTS surgeon J. Michael Smith, MD, a leading pioneer of robotic assisted cardiac surgery, has been named chief of the UC College of Medicine’s cardiac surgery division.

Vester says CVTS and UC Health will work to create an economically efficient prototype for cardiac surgery in addition to helping train the next generation of surgeons and delving into research initiatives at the College of Medicine.

“Among other missions, we will standardize care and best practice, optimize service delivery and redefine performance to create quality outcomes,” he says. “This is a very unique collaboration.”

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